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Please feel free to contact Milan Kriz's Online Art Gallery by any of the below addresses and/or phone numbers, or click HERE to fill the contact form:

Electronic Mail:

Postal Mail:

  • Caracas, Venezuela (brick and mortar gallery):
    • Att: Milan Kriz. Urb. Los Chorros. Calle Dr. Andrés Pietri (Cachimbo II) #9. Conj. Res. Mirávila. Quinta #2. Caracas, Venezuela. Phone +58(212)234.2045.
  • Maracay, Venezuela (Website offices):
    • Att: Milos Kriz. Urb. San Pablo. Calle Faetón. Manzana #7. Quinta #13. Turmero 2115. Edo. Aragua, Venezuela. Phone: +58(244)663.0727.
  • Miami, FL, USA. (private courier):
    • Att: Milos Kriz. VLN3123. P.O.Box.025685. Miami FL 33102-5685. USA. Phone +1(305)594.8777.
    • Att. Milos Kriz. VLN3123. 11010NW. 30th Street. Suite 104. Miami FL.33166. USA. Phone +1(305)594.8777.

Phone Numbers:

  • Milan Kriz (the artist):
    • Home: +58(212)234.2045.
  • Milos Kriz (the webmaster):
    • Home: +58(244)663.0727.
    • Mobil: +58(412)346.3272.





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Contact: Mr. Milan Kriz (MA):
Webmaster: Mr. Milos Kriz (EE, MSc):

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