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  • 2005/02/15: Art Competition: Milan Kriz is participating in the 20th SoHo -Chelsea International Art Competition, sponsored by Agora Gallery, winner will be notified by the mid of April, 2005.
  • 2004/12/09: Art Research paper: Ms. Sarah Cobbold kindly sent a full copy of her final paper "The Study of How Emotion is Depicted in 20th Century Art", we found it very deep, complete, and interesting;  we will contact her again in order to ask her permission to publish it in this website. finger crossed!.
  • 2004/11/27: Exhibition Opening: Milan Kriz words opened the Czech Venezuelan Art Exhibition at the Cultural House of El Hatillo County, Caracas, Venezuela. a total of five (05) artist will be participating in this exhibition for a week.
  • 2004/11/26: Art Research contact: Art Student Mr. Peter Mach, from PA, United States, contacted Milan Kriz in order to conduct a research interview about artistic processes and art business. Thanks for your interest, we're happy to help you!!!.
  • 2004/10/20: Art Research contact: Art student Ms. Sarah Cobbold, from England, contacted Milan Kriz in order to perform a research interview relating 1977 artpiece "The Fear", to be included in a paper titled "The Study of How Emotion is Depicted in 20th Century Art". We're proud to participate!!!.
  • 2004/08/09: Gallery Proposal: Art representatives of Perdurabo Art Gallery contacted us regarding their interest in represent Milan Kriz artwork in the United Kingdom and Europe. Thanks for your good comments!!.
  • 2004/07/31: Gallery Proposal: Staff crew of VirtuArt Gallery, based in Barcelona, Spain. expressed their interest in to represent Milan Kriz's Artwork in its introduction to the Spanish market, we are very proud and thankful regarding this consideration.
  • 2004/07/28: Online Gallery Proposal: Staff of, an Argentinean web based art gallery invited Milan Kriz to expose his creations thru their site. Thanks for your interest!.
  • 2004/07/02: Paypal Verified: is now a verified Venezuelan merchant, you can feel secure in online transactions and art related shopping.
  • 2004/06/25: Donation Campaign: due to visitors suggestions, and supported on PayPal technology, initiated a donation campaign called "Florence Biennale". Two buttons are available in the welcome page, one for a fixed US$20.00 contribution and another for open amount contributions.
  • 2004/06/23: PayPal Account: in the next days this website will start to offer "Buy Now" options for every available artwork, due new account and PayPal technology integration.
  • 2004/06/17: Sponsors wanted: invites all art-related organizations and businesses interested in Milan Kriz artwork, to establish immediate contact with the artist. The goals to meet with the eventual agreed sponsorships are: a) to attend the 2005 Florence Biennale and b) to share consequential cost and possible revenues.
  • 2004/06/17: Florence Biennale: Milan Kriz received approval from the internal committee, to attend, as a participant, at the 2005 Florence Biennale (  to he held december'3rd to 11th, 2005... at the Fortezza da Basso, Florence, Italy. 
  • 2004/06/15: .asp website: now exhibits all of this artist work through .asp technologies, making easy the update tasks developed by its webmaster. Some areas of the website will remain in .html for a while, but the site was designed in such a way most of the visitors won't notice the differences.
  • 2004/05/31: Windows server: now resides in up-to-date Microsoft® Windows servers, this changes from Unix server was based in the advantages of this platform to support active pages (.asp) and same vendor databases.






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