Milan Kriz's Awards List

Below you will find a list of the awards received by Milan Kriz in various artistic events he has participated:Milan Kriz next to his artwork

  • 1996 "Simón Bolívar" International Airport. Maiquetía, Venezuela.
    • Special Mention in Sculpture.  Award received at the "I Simón Bolívar International Airport Art Saloon".
  • 1988 "Juan Manuel Cajigal" Naval Observatory. Caracas, Venezuela.
    •   Acknowledgement Diploma. Diploma in acknowledgement of help and support given to the Art Exhibition "Centenary of the Observatory".
  • 1982 Education Ministry Caracas, Venezuela. 
    • Award in Sculpture. Award received at the "XVIII Armando Reverón National Annual Saloon".
  • 1976 Venezuela's Professor Association Valencia, Venezuela. 
    • Honored Mention. Award received at the "III Fine Arts Annual Saloon".
  • 1965 Academy of the Fine Arts Prague, Czech Rep.
    • Award in Sculpture. Award received in acknowledgement of the academic excellence.





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