Milan Kriz's Critiques

Here you can review a few critiques that have been stated by world class critics for more than twenty five years about Milan Kriz’s art work (original language shown and a free English translation included):Milan Kriz next to his artwork

  • "Un artista que defiende su arte y su derecho a permanecer al margen de una ‘gran ciudad’ que cada día se nos hace más insoportable e inhumana". (An artist who defends his art and his right to keep out of the ‘big city’ that becomes everyday more insufferable and inhuman). Napoleón Pisani, Venezuela 1977.

  • "Emana una struggente malinconia dalle sculture di Milan Kriz, scavate nel legno o nel sasso con sottile sensibilità, ferite profonde e avvolgenti". (A struggling melancholy projects the Milan Kriz’s sculptures, deep and overwhelming wounds are carved in the wood or in the stone with delicate sensibility). Ferdinando Arisi, Italy 1979.

  • "Son obras de una fuerza expresiva donde predomina la línea ascendente y la materia penetrada de cauces que se elevan. ¿En una búsqueda metafísica? ¿En una interrogación con lo divino?". (They’re creations of a expressive strength, where the ascending lines and material penetrations domain together in elevating carvings. Is it a metaphysic search?. Is it a inquiry with the divine thing? ). Milagros Bello, Venezuela 1987.

  • "Sus obras buscan expresar la idea de un ente divino y trascendente, partiendo de la aprehensión ‘esencial’ del Hombre y de la Naturaleza...(una) afirmación del vínculo substancial que emparenta lo terrenal con lo divino, temporalidad y eternidad.".(His creations want to express the idea of a divine and transcendent being, departing from the essential apprehensions of the Man and the Nature... One affirmation of the substantial link that joins the materiality with the divinity, the temporality with the eternity). Katherine Chacón, Venezuela 1987.

  • "Su punto de partida es una especie de expresionismo casi abstracto, matérico, pero con un tratamiento cada vez más espiritualizado...". (His start point is a kind of expressionism almost abstract, solid, but with a more spiritual treatment each time). Pável Stepánek, Venezuela 1994.

  • "Possessed of a rich inner world he prefers to relate his profoundly felt spiritual experiences through his enigmatic semi-abstracts sculptures". Russel Maddicks, Daily Journal Staff 1995.

  • "Als material dienen ihm Korallen, in die er seine streng geometrischen vorstellungen hineinwirkt. Kriz orientiert sich nach alten vorbildern, seine werke erinern an die statuen auf den weihnachtsinseln.". (He serves from coral as material. His strictly geometric conceptions appeal from within it. Kriz orientates his search towards ancient paragons and his work reminds the Christmas Island’s Statues.). Der Zürichbieter, Switzerland 1979.

  • "Wächst aus dem bereich des geheimnisvollen in eine sichtbarkeit empor, die formal überzeugt, obwohl die plastiken--oft im seltenen material von korallen geschaffen--eine unbestimmte gestaltung aufweisen. Man kann den künstler wohl als einen der Höhepunkte dieser ausstellung ansprechen. Namentlich seine linolschnitte lassen ahnen, dass hier der Weg von Kadinsky Über Johnny Friedlaender zu einer neuen welt ungegenständlicher struckture geführt hat.". (He increases the range of mistery in one upper visibility: the formal confident, even though the sculpture --often created in rare materials as coral -- shows one endless configuration. We can afirm that the artist is at one of the climaxes of exhibition reactions. His linoleum engravings raise namely forefathers, here the way has guided from Kadinsky trhu Johny Friedlaender to one new world of unasimilatable structure). Neue Züricher Nachrichten, Switzerland 1979.






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