Milan Kriz's Public Permanent Exhibitions

You can enjoy Milan Kriz artwork in several public sites mostly in Venezuela, as instance:

  • Governor's House, Cojedes State San Carlos, Venezuela
    • Bust of Gral. Ezequiel Zamora, bronze, 130cms high, 1985.
    • Bust of Miguelángel Granados, bronze, 65cms high, 1984.
    • Bust of Mauricio Pérez Lazo, bronze, 65cms high, 1984
  • Mayor's House, Petare County. Caracas, Venezuela.
    • Bust of Lorenzo Fernández, bronze, 75cms high, 1983.
  • Andrés Bello's House, Caracas, Venezuela.
    • Relief Andrés Bello, framed epoxy resin. 1983.
  • Governor's House of Caracas, Caracas, Venezuela.
    • Sculpture "Victory", mahogany wood, 66cms high, 1983.
  • University of the National Armed Forces, Maracay, Venezuela.
    • Sculpture "Leader", cypress wood, 147cms high, 1990.
  • Channel 51(CMT: Canal Metropolitano), Caracas, Venezuela.
    • Sculpture "In Mom's Lap", "casuarina" wood, 209cms high, 1990.
  • Caracas Sacred Museum, Caracas, Venezuela
    • Sculpture "Messenger", "casuarina" wood, 140cms high, 1986.
  • Hospital "Salvador Allende", Cumaná, Venezuela.
    • Relief "Salvador Allende", marble compound, 100cms high, 1997.





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