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Milan Kriz born in 1945, in very hostile times for all Europe, and, indeed, for the former Czechoslovaquia. He spent his first years in his natal town, Námest n./Osl., Czech Republic.Milan Kriz next to his artwork

Looking for a way to express his inner feelings, he studied at the Fine-art School in Brno and then obtained a superior degree at the Fine-art Prague Academy, below the mentoring of the Masters Prof. Vincent Makovský and Prof. Karel Lidický.

He finally left his country and became an universal citizen, this hard decision was taken, despite of his socialistic beliefs, based on the freedom limitations of the soviet regimen; and, indeed, it soon influenced deeply his art motivations, inspiration and techniques. Milan Kriz obtained the Venezuelan citizenship in 1983 and he currently lives in Caracas, Venezuela,  while his opus is broadcasting over the planet.

Milan Kriz defines himself as an humanist, and a perpetual seeker for the global alter ego: the ultimate status for the spiritual evolution of mankind, in his words: “Art is about freeing your mind and expressing emotions. Using the raw material to find the inner image that it contains, trying to capture the essence of the spiritual world that is all around us”. That is why his creations feature what worldwide critics have realized as a deeply felt abstract expressionism. His art pieces are made from a wide spectrum of classical and modern raw materials and techniques: including sculptures of wood, marble, coral, bronze, and even epoxy resin and bronze-ready positive originals in clay; Milan Kriz's paintings are found most of oil on canvas but he uses oil on formic too; his engravings were made most on hard paper with linoleum plates but the artist has realized that ancient wood is also good for some works.

In this site you will find the more accurate information relating this unique artist, his professional life is fully shown at the vitae pages, an a very friendly online catalog is available at the opus pages. If you want more information about any related subject you can even take a brief view of the available Milan Kriz web links.






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